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"Digging up" is the tagline I want to have as an investor. It resonates with founders and implies more alignment than a pure financial approach. As an investment thesis, perhaps it encourages discipline for investing in what you know. Or at least what you can pattern match.

However, as the deals get bigger, does the financially oriented investor become more relevant and useful for the founders?

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Interesting, but you should check out latest episode from All in Podcast (where Jason Calicanis hosts also) where Chamath points out that if you look at the data of investors that have returned more than a Billion back to the LPs have not been operators but ruthless finance guys that have focus more on the financials, so was Doug Leone.

I'm not saying that there isn't a trend of people outside of finance making it big, but then again, the data is skewed considering the near zero rates that most of the VCs have been performing in.

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