Mar 19, 2021 β€’ 24M

014 - Jenny Fielding, MD At Techstars New York and MP at The Fund

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Mat Sherman
Forward Thinking Investors is a podcast where Mat Sherman interviews the world's brightest up and coming investors, as well as many who have already proven themselves as the best. Topics will range from portfolio construction theory to what makes a good market, and everything in between. The goal of this podcast is to help popularize the concept of investing with the public and get them familiar with how investors think. Listening to this podcast will make you a better investor and a better founder, so I hope you enjoy Forward Thinking Investors!
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Jenny is the Managing Director of Techstars New York and Managing Partner at The Fund. According to her LinkedIn, she is a pre-seed investor into 140+ companies including: Latch (LTCH), Chainalysis, Alloy, Headway, Supergreat, Contra, Bloomscape, Simple Health, Particle Health, Pair Eyewear, Solo Funds, Halp, Minded, Talent Hack, Rupa Health, Morty, Wagmo, Smarthop, Solid, Remesh, Tempo and so many more! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€